ACF Missions Inc. supports global missionary effort through its support to Christian missionaries serving in different parts of the world. This support is provided at the organizational level and through individual efforts of members of ACF USA. We recognize the dangers and risks Christian missionaries face in remote places of the world where the gospel has not reached. Many missionaries deprive themselves and their family personal comfort and luxury to ensure that the gospel is preached to the lost. Some missionaries have abandoned the missions’ field because they do not receive enough support from the church.

Steps to support global missions.


  1. Creating awareness about the conditions of missionaries and the status of global missions
    a. ACF chapters conduct annual mission emphasis and fundraising
    b. ACF holds regional and national conferences that promote mission awareness
  2. Financial support to missionaries
    a. ACF chapters and individuals adopt missionaries for financial support
    b. ACF partner with other mission agencies and provide financial support to them
  3. Prayer support for individual missionaries and global missions
    a. We hold monthly regional prayer teleconference for ACF mission work and global mission
    b. ACF chapter prayer groups regularly pray for missionaries and global missions.